Create a Custom MSBuild Task

MSBuild Build Tools C# .NET

In most, if not all, build systems, chunks of work executed during the build process can be referred to as tasks. As with most build tools, MSBuild provides quite a few tasks out of the box. There is also the MSBuildCommunityTasks library that contains some additional tasks. Occasionally you may find that you need to perform a task outside of what is already available. That's where the ability to create custom tasks becomes useful.

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Quick Tips

View Definition of Stored Procedure in T-SQL


Transact-SQL is the flavor of SQL used in Microsoft SQL. A stored procedure can be thought of as a named collection of SQL statements. Its kind of like a function in other programming languages. Sometimes its helpful for me to be able to peak at the definition of a stored procedure in order to understand what's happening under the hood.

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Why Developers Should Use Build Tools

Build Tools

Build tools in software development are mainly used to transform source code into usable forms. Those forms might include desktop apps, libraries to be used in desktop apps, or even web apps. Beyond the primary use of compilation, build tools also allow automation of other tasks involved in software development and deployment. Some examples of other tasks a build tool could perform are:

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